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This year, Asserson has chosen to raise funds for The Forgotten People Fund (FPF). FPF, provides assistance to Ethiopian families in Netanya who are struggling due to poverty, domestic violence, unequal educational opportunities and unemployment. Based in Netanya, the charity was set up in the 1990s to help support the large Ethiopian communities who were moved into “absorption areas”. The FPF works closely with local community centers and social workers to identify families/individuals in need of support and also receives applications directly from individuals within the Ethiopian communities. FPF have identified education as a main driver for economic independence and its key initiatives include: higher education scholarships for students, providing laptops for students and after school educational activities. The FPF’s welfare department provides food vouchers and other assistance to needy families, including medical assistance e.g. funding a specialised walker for a disabled child and specific medical supplies. Asserson has committed to matching all donations raised by Asserson members in 2021 up to NIS 100,000. Asserson is looking forward to working closely with The Forgotten People Fund, by both donating money and also giving our time in a variety of different ways. Please support our fundraising efforts in aid of this fantastic charity.

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