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Mia and Shani are trying to recruit their friends to help raise funds for a boy's Bar Mitzvah present. This boy's mom is supported by Maslan and she had money saved to buy her son the gift he wanted for his Bar Mitzvah, but when she had to use the money on something else she couldn't face the disappointment he would face. Maslan reached out for help and Mia and Shani want to help! Mia will run 5km by the end of the summer and Shani will be baking cakes for sale! 

This way you can sponsor them and all donations will go towards helping this mom out! They are trying to recruit their friends to take up sponsored challenges too for this cause! These are their friends who are joining them with their own challenges: Mia Corney Mayan Singer Hadassah Finkelstein Adi Ben Dov Lielle, Talya & Noa Nordmann Yael Blog Tzofia Gochen YOU CAN SPONSOR THEIR CHALLENGE HERE!!!

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