Mia's Batmitzvah Cook-A-Thon



Carly Silver

Carmel Pinshaw

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My name is Mia and in this crazy year I am celebrating my batmitzvah! Every kid has had such a tough year but I realise that some have suffered more than others and for my batmitzvah I want to help those kids however I can! I am hosting an online cook-a-thon with my friends and family from around the world with Judianne from Quick Healthy Family Meals and if you will be participating I would love if you would consider donating to Misholim - an amazing charity who helps kids express their feelings and worries and helps them to deal with it through art, music and dance therapy! It's a really special place and they are helping kids in serious need especially during Corona! Thank you for donating and making my batmitzvah even more special!!!

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